Weekly Wrap #19

The end of this long training cycle has turned into a strange relationship. I have found myself looking at my workout plan and feeling a slight dread about the run, whether it’s a hill repeat day, tempo, or even a 90 minute easy run. I’ve reached the point of HAVING to run, like it is some sort of chore. Pushing Eisley in the stroller for 2-3 runs per week helped me gain strength in the beginning, but lately it just seems so hard. Is she gaining weight? Am I losing my mojo? A major factor has been the later sunrise and the rising temperatures. The heat is a total energy drainer and makes a run feel slightly miserable, having me wonder how long until it’s over. Maybe it could be because my energy levels have been less during this taper, or maybe it’s because I’ve never really trained this long for anything.

Early apologies for the TMI, but have you heard or read about female athletes training so much that their menstrual cycle stops? Here is an informational article from Runners World that describes how much it can affect us like raising our internal temperature due to lower plasma, lower blood sugar causing a reduced lactate threshold, and our levels of progesterone stimulating the phrenic nerve which causes a higher respiratory rate. I never knew endurance athletes were affected so dramatically by our cycles! Anyways, it had been all the way back to April since I had my last cycle. It has been so nice to not worry about it or deal with the discomfort that comes along with it. I’m assuming that since my intensity and distance of running has decreased during this taper, my cycle decided to return on Week 17. It was the WORST and I literally wished to lie down all day. I felt like junk, I was exhausted, my appetite decreased, and my heart rate got much higher during my runs than ever before. My emotional well being wasn’t too hot either.Waa waa, my whiny pity party is over now. 

Hills with the stroller? Why not?

Week 16
MONDAY: RAN 7.02 miles @10:21 pace w/stroller
TUESDAY: RAN 6.09 miles @11:02 pace w/stroller
THURSDAY: RAN 7.56 miles @9:11 pace w/stroller
FRIDAY: Hiked 3.84 miles while “toddlerwearing”
SATURDAY: RAN 3.20 miles @7:57 pace
Total weekly miles: 27.11

Week 17
MONDAY: RAN 3.92 miles @10:56 pace w/stroller
TUESDAY: RAN 3.49 miles @10:48 pace (5 x.25ish mile trail hill repeats)
WEDNESDAY: RAN 6.34 miles @10:15 pace on treadmill + walk .5 mile
FRIDAY: RAN 3.22 miles @8:40 pace w/stroller
Total weekly miles: 17.47 

As usual, I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! They've started a new Guest Host Series for the Weekly Wrap and this week's host is Montana from Pretty Lil Mudder. She is currently training for the Chicago Marathon!


  1. I had no idea that your cycle could be affected by intense training! That's very interesting. I've been trying to keep my nutrition up because I've thought I could get injured if I trained a lot and didn't eat right.

    I'm right there with ya on the training burnout. I have been keeping strong throughout this summer of marathon training but at this point I'm ready for it to be over with. I honestly can't wait to take a "break" from running after Chicago!

    1. Summer race training definitely seems to be the hardest and takes a toll on your body!


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