Weekly Wrap #18

Summer’s end is slowly approaching as we will soon be welcoming fall. Lately, during my runs, I’ve noticed the leaves already changing from greens to yellows and oranges, sometimes falling from a strong breeze. The seasons beginning to change has me reflecting on the fact that this cycle of race training is nearing the end as well…which means the big race is soon! When I made the decision to take on the Hamster Endurance Runs as my first ultra, I started a blend of two 16 week training plans. About halfway through I realized that the race was actually 17 weeks from when I began, but that gave me a little wiggle room for possible toddler sickness, injury, and traveling. Speaking of…we just returned from a nine day trip to Oklahoma, where I lived during my college (plus a little longer) years.

Week 14
SUNDAY: RAN 5.09 miles @9:00 pace w/ stroller
TUESDAY: RAN 24.02 miles @10:07 pace
WEDNESDAY: RAN 5.08 miles @9:47 pace w/ stroller
THURSDAY: Travel day to Oklahoma
SATURDAY: RAN 8.30 miles @8:44 pace
Total weekly miles: 42.49

Week 15 (all runs without a watch!)
MONDAY: RAN 5.10 miles @9:06 pace + walk 2.5 miles at the zoo
TUESDAY: RAN 7.40 miles @9:03 pace
WEDNESDAY: RAN 13.1 miles @9:26 pace
FRIDAY: RAN 7.10 miles @9:05 pace
SATURDAY: Travel to Washington + walk 2 miles in airport
Total weekly miles: 37.10

Peak week of training also happened to (of course) land on the same week Eisley and I were flying out on this trip to visit family. It ended up not being the peak week in mileage that had been planned, but I did manage to get the furthest long run in before taper. On Sunday (the 6th), Eisley and I squeezed in a short 5.09 mile stroller run before heading to church and having a fun family day. Monday was used for cleaning the house and making lists of what we will need to pack for our trip. There were lists for everything, but if I don’t do it that way, stuff gets forgotten and left behind. There was: Emily’s Backpack, Eisley’s Backpack, Snacks, Running Stuff, Big E’s Clothes, Little E’s Clothes, and Bathroom Stuff. We survived the entire trip without forgetting anything, so that was a success! Well, minus the fact that I rushed out at the Seattle Airport and left my WATCH in the truck! I was so nervous about running without a watch and tried out Strava on my phone with half mile audio cues.

Did we pack enough pink? 💟

The first year we went, Eisley was only 11 months old. During our trip she got her FIRST tooth, we were nursing, and she had to stay on my lap while on the four airplanes. The second time she was a little over two years old and it was the most difficult time traveling with her. It even inspired me to write a helpful post Tips for Traveling ALONE with a Toddler! She's grown so much between our trips, but the monkey backpack is still her favorite to bring with us.

October 2016 and August 2017

Tuesday morning was the exciting (and dreaded) longest run of the training cycle. The plan called for 26 miles. It sucks that the sunrise began around 5:00am when I first started training and now it’s all the way back to 6:05am. Luckily I had a good night’s sleep (no toddler wake ups), yummy pre-run food, and strong feeling legs. I ate some Hemp + Coffee Chia Pudding that was prepped the night before and a ProBar Meal Banana Nut Bread. That tiny bar has 390 calories, 44 grams of carbs, 9 grams of protein, and 21 grams of FAT. That’s right, lots of healthy fat to fuel a good run! The first hour of my runs is typically the hardest, mainly mentally, but physically too. I usually get a second wind and break through the funk, but not this time. The entire run was so hard and it felt like I was struggling along. It was hot, I had to walk numerous times, didn’t pack enough food, and ran out of water. I carried the large handheld and had a smaller bottle in my vest, plus I even refilled the large bottle along the way (in a trailhead bathroom sink…SO GROSS! I KNOW!!! I was that thirsty.) I had hoped to reach 26 miles in 3:21, but that wasn’t a reality. I ended up running 24.02 miles in 4:02, at a 10:07 pace, with 2,431 ft ascent. The lesson I learned helped me to figure out my body’s fuel/water requirements for longer distances and duration. That’s the point of training, right? 

Wednesday was our final stroller run together before heading out on our trip. Thursday was a long, long day of travel time, between driving to the airport, flying on two airplanes, then driving from the airport to my dad’s house. My dad had spent the week working in California and managed to meet us at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport for our layover, and then we all sat together on the final flight to Tulsa. I kept Eisley’s sleep schedule in line with our time zone, which is two hours earlier than in Oklahoma. This worked out nicely because she was able to stay up playing with my family until 9:00pm and be asleep around 9:30pm, which was her usual 7:30pm at home! The hardest part about running in Oklahoma was the heat and humidity. It didn't help that there were numerous routes with 'wild' country dogs that I did NOT want to try and outrun. We had such a wonderful time with our family.

Exploring the Tulsa Zoo
Cows along a country road run

Exploring the town where her Mama and Dada met 💓

Do you enjoy traveling with your little one, or is it easier to simply stay home? Have you had to train for a race while on vacation? As usual, I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! They've started a new Guest Host Series for the Weekly Wrap and this week's host is Madhuri from Ponder n Wonder.



  1. I've been to Tulsa several times as my sister lives there! I ran with her in March and yes, it was already so hot and humid. 26 miles is a long training run! I know you are glad to have it behind you. I can't believe you can already see signs of fall. It will be a long time before I can do that here.


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