Weekly Wrap #14

The 30 day run streak only stretched until the 4th of July, ending after day 34. I really, truly wanted to continue, but I literally did not have the extra time the week. My level of “busyness” was drinking smoothies because I didn’t have time to eat and wondering if I last showered on Tuesday or Wednesday, and it was Saturday. SLEEP > SHOWER

SUNDAY: Walked 2.09 miles
MONDAY: RAN 4.18 miles @9:56 pace w/ stroller
TUESDAY: RAN 20.01 miles @9:26 pace
WEDNESDAY: Group outdoor yoga class
THURSDAY: RAN 3.26 miles @8:46 pace w/ stroller
FRIDAY: “Rest” + early packet pickup
SATURDAY: “Rest” + Chuckanut Footrace
Total weekly miles: 29.54

On Tuesday, three random winners were announced after completing the 30 days of #StreakingWithTheCoolKids challenge hosted by Jen Davis A.K.A. @Pinkcupcakegirl on Instagram. When I checked  my phone and saw a lot of unusual notifications, I realized that I had been one of the chosen winners. Woohooooo! Over 2,000 people started the challenge and I did not even think there was a chance of being chosen, I just wanted to try out the challenge. Over the next month, I’ll be getting packages delivered from the awesome companies that donated prizes for the streak. I plan on doing a post or two to review the gear, fuel, and other goodies! SO excited!

Tuesday also had to be the long run day, 20 miles to be exact! Continuing the fuel experiment, I ate a piece of cold cheese pizza with a small cup of chilled coffee before heading out.  My bottle was filled with Nuun Performance powder again which has been an amazing way to hydrate with electrolytes in addition to carbs. I went with the Bottle Band handheld again like last week, but I also put a bladder in my backpack. For the 18.50 mile run last week, the water bottle ended up not being enough. At some point, I noticed there was about 1/3 of a bottle left and I had about six more miles to go. That frustrated me and I was so thirsty that even my mouth was dry. I’ve never drank much during my runs, but I’ve also never ran for this much time or for these distances. It’s better to learn now than on race day.

Beach bum vibes
On Wednesday, little Boo and I packed our mats and went to a beautiful outdoor yoga class. It was an intimate class with only three other ladies. We were near a lake, the sun was shining, and it felt magical to stretch out my sore legs. Eisley actually did some of the poses between reading a book and coloring with her crayons. Thursday was devoted to “running” race errands. We had to go to the bank, pick up race shirts from the screen printer, get labels/signs/waivers printed at FedEx, collect awards from some local businesses, and confirm a volunteer’s location along the race course. The bibs were delivered to my house that afternoon and I had to put the remaining labels on them. Early online registration closed at midnight on Thursday, so whoever signed up after the time the labels go printed, were lucky enough to have me hand write their bib info. Friday was more organizing, final preparations, and confirming any changes. I’ve been flooded with emails from volunteers and runners with a million questions. I may or may not have cried because I felt totally overwhelmed, then headed to Aslan Brewing for our early packet pickup from 3:00-7:00pm. Runners showed up in a nice, constant flow, so we never had a long line of people waiting. Saturday was the BIG RACE DAY, FINALLYYYYYY! I’ll say that the event went off without a hitch and majority of participants had had nothing but good things to say (there’s always a few that don’t though, ha). I’m going to write a post devoted to my first experience as a Race Director. You’ll have to check back soon! 

Once again, I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! They've started a new Guest Host Series for the Weekly Wrap and this week's host is Christine from Into the Glimmer.


  1. How awesome to be one of the winners in the streaking challenge! Congrats!

  2. So cool that you were a race director! Would love to read that post about your experience!

    1. It was a very cool experience! I'm still working on the post...some day soon it'll be ready :)

  3. Congrats on being one of the winners! Excited to see what prizes you get.

    OMG, how awesome that you're a race director. I would love to read about your experience because obviously it is very different from a runner where we demand so many things. :-)

    1. Thanks! It was definitely different being on this end compared to being the runner.

  4. Being a race director sounds like fun! I've always wanted to create a race and direct it. But it's also so much work and I'm also drinking too many smoothies and wondering too often about my last shower to take on anything else. ;-) Congrats on your debut race directing experience!

    Thanks for linking. :-)

    1. It was a LOT of fun, but also a LOT of work. I can't imagine actually creating a race, luckily this race has been going on for 51 years now.


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