Weekly Wrap #9

When I was in college, Friday nights were made for partying (and Saturday nights, Tuesday nights, ladies’ nights, way too many nights). I would get off work around 10:00 or 11:00pm, go to my apartment, get ready, call my friends, and the wild ruckus would continue til the wee hours of the morning. It seemed like some sort of accomplishment if we made it to watch the sun come up, wondering what the heck people were doing waking up so early on the weekend. A lot has changed since then, fairly quickly and in a short amount of years. I got married, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and discovered that running is pretty awesome.

This past Friday night, I was happily lying in bed before 9:00pm. My bedding had just been washed, relaxing 432hz music was softly playing, and lavender essential oil filled the air. I knew that if I was asleep by 9:30pm, I’d get a good 7 hours of rest before my alarm would sound off at 4:30am. My hemp + coffee chia pudding was prepped in the fridge, clothes were laid out on the floor, and GPS watch was fully charged. This is what Friday nights are made for…early Saturday morning long runs. 

MONDAY: RAN 4.26 miles @10:07 pace w/ stroller
TUESDAY: RAN 6.04 miles @ 8:00 pace
WEDNESDAY: Outdoor group fitness class
THURSDAY: RAN 6.52 miles @9:03 pace on treadmill + walked 1.9 miles
FRIDAY: RAN 3.53 miles @9:22 pace w/ stroller
SATURDAY: RAN 14.02 miles @9:19 pace
Total weekly miles: 36.27

Apparently the 19.71 miles with 1,959ft elevation gain of pushing Eisley in the stroller last week burnt me out by this week. Our routes are limited with the stroller and repeating them multiple times in a single run can be...mundane. This has become more apparent since the training runs were increasing by 1 or 2 miles. The universe obviously knew we needed to switch things up, so our sunny weather turned to cloudy with some rain during the week. Perfect! This weather change was our motivation to hit up the YMCA and I was lucky enough to sneak a run in during one of little Boo's naps. Oh wait, I mean NAP. She has decided that naps are no longer needed and I was singing hallelujah on the one day she actually went down for a nap. 

Saturday was a HUGE day for me! It was the furthest distance I've ever ran and also the longest duration! My body felt amazing, no soreness or sensitivities. When my watch hit 13.2 miles an overwhelming joy came over me. A smile took over my face and an extra jolt of energy made my final mile the fastest of the whole run, 8:24! I apologize in advance for the excitement to come over these next few months. This experience feels like I'm a brand new runner again. I remember when I first ran a 5k without stopping to walk. I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Each time I'd run and reach a new distance, I knew that I could run a little bit further. After running a couple 5ks, I ran an 8 mile race, followed by discovering trail races, and half marathons! Now I want to see how far I can really go.
As usual, I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! They've started a new Guest Host Series for the Weekly Wrap and this week's host is Mary Beth with Tutus and Tennies. Make sure to go check all of these wonderful ladies out for workouts, motivation, and community!


  1. Funny how those Friday nights change and we can still love them! Great week! Congrats on that long run- that is awesome and a huge confidence builder! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I sure do enjoy a relaxing night in. Thank you for hosting the link up!


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