Savory & Spicy Hemp Toast

I’ve been enjoying the magic of hemp hearts for the last four years of my life, and I plan to continue this love-love relationship we share. Manitoba Harvest recently launched some new, oh-my-goodness, tasty products including their Toasted Hemp Seeds. My experience of eating hemp foods has mainly been hemp hearts (aka hemp seeds that have been shelled), hemp oil, and hemp protein powder, but not the whole seed. They are a little larger in size, are crunchy from being toasted, and pop when you bite them! These little guys come in two flavors, either Sea Salt or Sriracha.

After a long run, I like to “treat” myself with food that’s yummy AND healthy. My hangry self doesn’t like to wait on cooking and I need to eat something, like now! Smoothies are definitely my main squeeze as post-workout food, but other times I enjoy actually eating instead of drinking. One of the many awesome perks of toast is how versatile it is. Do you want it for breakfast with sprouts and a fried egg? How about for dinner slathered in hummus and grilled veggies? OR how about this delicious, any time of the day, Savory & Spicy Hemp Toast? 

Savory & Spicy Hemp Toast


·         1 slice whole grain or sprouted bread, toasted
·         2 tablespoons nut butter
·         Squeeze of Sriracha sauce
·         1-2 sprigs of fresh cilantro
·         1 tablespoon of Hemp Hearts
·         2 tablespoons of Toasted Hemp Seeds (Sriracha flavor)

Directions: It’s pretty simple. Pop the bread in your toaster. Spread on some nut butter of your choice. Squeeze on how ever much Sriracha sauce your little heart desires (or taste buds can handle). Throw down some fresh cilantro to make things look pretty. Last, but certainly not least, sprinkle on Hemp Hearts and Toasted Hemp Seeds to top it all off! 

Make sure to head over to the Manitoba Harvest website at and feel free to use the promo code ToastedOnToast to receive 15% off your entire order! Offer ends July 31st. I'd like to thank them for sponsoring this post and allowing me to be a part of their awesome Hemp Ambassador program! How do you enjoy your hemp seeds?


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