Weekly Wrap #7

The second week of ultra (?) training is over and everyone is surviving so far. Our daughter seems to enjoy cruising around in the stroller more compared to going to the YMCA and my husband holds down the fort for me to get some solo runs in too. Having the structure of certain mile requirements and specific rest days has been a nice change. I’ve only followed, loosely followed, a training plan before. Being a stay at home mom for me has typically meant no plans or structured anything can really be followed. Little Boo wakes up with a runny nose, we stay home so she doesn’t get other kids sick and they don’t give her even more germs. Then, we stay home a few more days "just in case", which quickly adds up for time spent at home/not running. Life is unpredictable with a babe, so we’ve gotta go with the flow. 

SUNDAY: Walked 1 mile
MONDAY: RAN 3.0 miles @11:42 pace on the trails
TUESDAY: RAN 6.06 miles @8:25 pace + strength + walked .5 miles
WEDNESDAY: Walked 1.4 miles
THURSDAY: RAN 6.18 miles @9:40 pace with stroller
FRIDAY: RAN 3.36 miles @9:06 pace with stroller
SATURDAY: RAN 10.11 miles @9:20 pace + hiked 3.28 miles toddlerwearing
Total weekly miles: 34.89
This week left me feeling very satisfied as both a mother and an athlete. The variety of the runs is keeping things exciting and not mundane. On Monday it was warm and rainy, but I was able to check out Galbraith Mountain for the first time. There were parts of the trail that were so steep, I had to grab onto tree roots to climb myself up! It was amazing and muddy and I even got a little lost, which helped add to the fun. Tuesday's have become the only day we go to the YMCA so Eisley can play with friends at the drop-in and I get a treadmill run in. This week I tried out an incline workout that was perfectly challenging and kicked my booty! Thursday and Friday were more stroller runs in the beautiful sunshine we've been enjoying here in the Pacific Northwest. Even though they are counting towards my "Easy" runs, according to the training plan, they definitely are not. No running, not even slow, can really be "easy" when you're pushing 57 lbs (stroller plus babe) up and down hills. We try to take our time and have fun with each other, enjoying the moments. I just consider it more resistance training. 😊

Nothing like a hike after a 10 mile run!
After my Saturday early morning long run, the weather was soooooo nice that our family decided to go on a hike. My legs managed to carry Eisley on my back for over half of the time, but she actually decided to walk on her own. She hiked 1.5 miles and never wanted me to pick her back up! As usual, I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 



  1. That stroller running makes you strong like nothing else! You got a lot of miles this week! Great work.

    1. Incorporating more stroller runs instead of the usual treadmill runs has made a noticeable difference in my speed! Now when I run without the stroller, everything seems a little easier 😁

  2. Wow, those are some impressive miles and paces especially with a stroller and on trails! What a beautiful place to hike! I so remember the days when mine were little and your entire life revolved around if one of them gets sick! Enjoy these days though....your little one will be in college before you can blink. :) Happy Running!

    1. I'm enjoying it and trying to live in the moment the best I can! She turns 3 in July and it's blowing my mind!

  3. Great job with your runs this week! The trail sounds awesome - I love exploring and getting lost can make things even more fun!

    1. Thanks Janelle! Yes, it does make runs more exciting!


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