Weekly Wrap #6

First off, Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Many families went out for a special brunch so their Mama wouldn’t have to cook breakfast OR lunch (isn’t that the magic of brunch?). How did you get to celebrate today? To share some extra love with your mama, head over to these 18 Quotes about Motherhood. Today marks my third official holiday of being a mother and it has definitely been unique! My husband woke me up at 4:30am and sang me a beautiful “Momma Bear” song he came up with, before leaving for the airport. I fell back asleep, only to hear Eisley calling, “Mommmmmma, Momma come here!” at 6:20, which is about an hour early for her.

My plan to not cook today included making a smoothie last night so it’d be waiting for me in the fridge for breakfast. It was a yummy dark chocolate almond milk, raw cacao, banana, spinach, flax meal, and protein powder smoothie to power me through the day. We read books and played for a while, then rode the bus downtown for our little lunch date at the community Co-Op. I had hoped for pizza, but we shared grilled tempeh pasta and a Thai peanut tofu burrito. To top things off, we walked to Mallard’s for an ice cream dessert enjoyed by their fireplace. After we rode the bus home, I put Eisley down for a nap, only to hear her playing and see that she got poo on her pillows, clothes, and blankets. 😅 So, Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s a little bit more about the weekly wrap.

MONDAY: RAN 3.5 miles @9:58 pace w/ stroller
TUESDAY: RAN 5.07 miles @8:23 pace on treadmill + walk .5 mile
THURSDAY: RAN 5.07 miles @10:02 pace w/ stroller
FRIDAY: RAN 3.02 miles @10:10 pace on the trails
SATURDAY: RAN 9.04 miles @9:32 pace
Total weekly miles: 26.20

Shared 5.07 slow, rainy miles with little Boo

This is the first week of a 16 week training plan I’ve started for a trail marathon/possible ultra in September. The event is the Hamster Endurance Runs at Lake Padden and I am doing the 6hr option. They also offer 12 hr, 24hr, and this year they’ve added a 32hr option! The main loop around the lake is 2.6 miles with 244ft elevation gain and my goal is to do 11 laps, which comes out to 28.6 miles with 2,684ft elevation gain. If I do 10 laps, that equals 26 miles, just short of a marathon. BUT, if I kick butt and manage to do 12 laps, that is a whopping 31.2 miles! Reaching that distance would 1. blow my mind and 2. boot my confidence to an unknown level. 

I'm going to try to start documenting some of my runs in hopes of eventually learning how to create/shoot/edit some cool trail running videos. This is obviously my first attempt :)

Soooooo, I’ve never ran more than a half marathon (13.1 miles) before, but I figured with four months to train, it is totally possible! This race also is important to me because the 6hrs of running represents the six years it's been since I was in college, and the race is one week before I return to school! The idea of running a ‘regular’ road marathon seems daunting because of the pavement pounding and pushing my body to keep a certain speed that entire time. When I found out about a 6 hour endurance trail run, it seemed like a perfect event to push my mind and body beyond their current limits, without the confines of trying to race a 3:45 marathon. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

9.04 mile slow run in 1:26 with 954ft elevation gain

Saturdays are now my official "wake up super early and long run" with the hopes of returning, taking a shower, and drinking a cup of coffee before anyone in the house wakes up. This was my first successful attempt at my LSD including all of the above expectations. The weather was chilly and rainy, but there was a strange mystical feeling to the atmosphere of the run. I had never ran the route before and since it was early on a Saturday, nobody was out! Barely any cars and no people, the world was mine. I've been reaching 9 or 10ish miles on a weekly basis for a while now, but they had always been at a faster pace. This training run was SO DANG HARD. Who knew that forcing yourself to run at a slower pace could actually be harder? One of the main purposes of running a long, slow run is to teach your body to burn fat for fuel, which is essential for endurance performance. I also chose to run without eating anything beforehand, which helps for teaching your body, but can also be a struggle. Around mile 4, I was feeling sluggish and was tempted to eat the cookie I packed, but chose to hold off. I ended up picking up the pace for the final miles as a progressive run, and I didn't even have any fuel!

I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!


  1. Glad to hear that you had a great Mother's Day!

    Congrats on your great week of training. I usually do my long runs on Saturday mornings as well!

    1. Thanks, hope you enjoyed the day as well! Saturday mornings seem to be better than weekdays because the traffic is low/nearly non-existent early morning on the weekend! We live in the county and have no shoulder on the roads or sidewalks, plus the roads are hilly and windy.

  2. I think it's cool that you are documenting your runs. At the end of the year I look back at my running journal but to have actual video would be cool!

    1. Thank you! I definitely won't be documenting all of my runs, but at least a few with neat scenery or great weather! I also enjoy looking back at the running journals. It's great to compare and see where you were previously.

  3. Happy Mother's Day. That's a cool trail running video! I've worn my GoPro for water skiing, which I thought was fun. Other people probably didn't. LOL. I definitely think you can run a trail endurance event four months out. That's a great pace on your 9 miler with that crazy elevation. It is difficult to slow down for a LSD run! Sometimes, I just want to get it over with! Thanks for linking with us.

    1. Happy Mother's Day to you too (a little late)! Thank you! Our neighborhood is all hills, so I'm starting to get adapted to the elevation. I kept thinking about running the LSD faster so I could get it over with too! That sort of ruins the point of it though, haha!


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