Superhero 5k

After the Runnin’ O the Green 5k race experience of pushing Eisley along in her BOB stroller, I decided we should try to squeeze in as many races as we can before she’s too big! Every night before bedtime, we lay in her room and talk about what we are thankful for. When she began saying, “I thankful for races!” it melted my heart, while confirming that we needed to sign up for another race soon.

Photo by Jessica Drake Photography

I stumbled upon a local raced called the Superhero 5k. The event raises money to allow children from low-income families the opportunity to attend day camps and after school programs at The Firs in Bellingham, WA. Early bird registration only cost $15 and April 1 through day of race was $25. Race shirts were also offered for an additional $10. They changed the course from previous years, but it was still stroller, dog, and family friendly. The event started and finished at Bloedel Donovan Park which is settled on beautiful Lake Whatcom. 

On the morning of the race, I enjoyed a jar of Pre-Race Overnight Oats (recipe post coming soon) topped with fresh blueberries and soaked almonds. I was even able to get dressed and ready before waking Eisley up, which makes everything calmer and smoother. The night before, I made my ‘Superhero’ mask out of some scrap black felt and my cape out of an old t-shirt. Reduce, reuse, and recycle my friends! My husband asked which superhero I was trying to be, and all I could come up with was, ‘Super Mom’ haha. 

Eisley and I drove to the race a little early so we could pick up my bib and check-in. She loved seeing all of the runners and their families dressed up in costumes. We even got to meet Spiderman himself! The Race Director gathered everyone together to walk from the check-in to the start of the race, and then we were sent off at 9:00am! The route was a nice combination of trails and residential roads. I tried to take off somewhat fast so I could maneuver the stroller around people and not have to worry about clipping ankles…just kidding! We ran through Whatcom Falls Park which included a couple bridges and a few steep trails (steep for pushing her up and also steep for her pulling me down!). For these sections I had to stop and adjust the front wheel into the ‘locked’ position, or it wobbles like crazy and could cause us to crash. It makes turning slightly difficult because you have to lift the stroller into the direction you want, but we didn’t have any issues. 

Photo by Jessica Drake Photography

This was the most FUN I’ve ever had during a race! Volunteers along the course were dressed in costumes, had bubble machines, hula hoops, foam noodles, and some were even juggling. We ran through the finish line chute and were greeted with someone handing me a medal. I assumed they were giving everyone ‘finisher’s medals’ until they said I was the first place female! It was a hand-decorated wood slice on a pretty green ribbon. Eisley got out of the stroller so she could stretch her little legs and groove to the loud music. We watched other runners finish for a while, and then headed to the community building for yummy snacks and the after party. They had a cool comic book themed backdrop for a photo booth along with fun props to use. Eisley rocked the Super Woman hair! They had an awards ceremony and I got a cool First Place Female box filled with goodies including a gift card to Fairhaven Runners and new socks, what else could I ask for!? Have you ever raced with your little one in a stroller? Why don't you take the plunge and sign up for a fun themed one over the summer!


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