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RaceHer Box is a brand new subscription box that is launching this summer! I was lucky enough to be chosen as an ambassador to receive a box early and check out the goodies, so I can share it with you! The online shop on their website opens for sales starting June 1st and customers have until June 30th to order the July box. The first boxes will be shipped between July 5-7. RaceHer Boxes are shipped bi-monthly, costing $35.  RaceHer Box is the ONLY running subscription box just for women runners. Everything inside is designed to help a lady runner feel motivated, empowered and have more fun running! Boxes typically include 2-3 pieces of run-specific gear, 1-2 snacks, 1-2 pampering items and something extra just for fun (5-7 items total). The value of the box will always exceed the cost- this month’s box has a retail value of $60. Founded by Stephanie, a long-time runner, who wanted a way to encourage the women in the running community and celebrate the love of a running lifestyle. These boxes are a perfect gift for any lady runner in your life!

When I first opened the box, I was happily surprised to find a handwritten card, for me! As I was reading it, I noticed something smelling pretty delicious. The contents of the box were wrapped up so nicely like a present that I almost didn’t want to tear it. BUT, I’ve been looking forward to this box arriving for a while now (I even had a dream that it showed up early), so I ripped open that pretty pink tissue paper to find out what’s inside.

Pretty Fizzy Bombs Shower Steamer
Yee! The yummy smell turned out to be a Honeysuckle Shower Steamer from Pretty Fizzy Bombs. After my long ten mile run last weekend, I enjoyed my shower that much more with essential oils steaming up the shower. 

Wayfarer Floral Sunglasses
These cute sunnies have a retro look to them with a feminine floral print on the sides. They’ve officially replaced my usual everyday sunglasses and have me feelin’ ready for summer. 

RaceHer “Run in the Sun” Tank
This tank arrived just in time for the arrival of hotter weather and sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest. The size fits just right and it was made exclusively for RaceHer Box. I’ve already enjoyed it on a stroller run along the boardwalk and beach for a stroller run!

BAMR Anchor Headband
What goes with summer tank tops and sunglasses better than a headband?! This headband is lined with velvet to make it non-slip and has a nautical anchor print on yellow. I tested it out on a run that was hot and my hair definitely got crazy sweaty, but I didn’t have to fidget with the headband moving at all.

Photo from raceherbox.com

Bottle Bands “Run Like a Girl”
I had never seen a BottleBand before! They are made out of a flexible material that can turn any water bottle into a handheld to take on runs, hikes, etc. This one is pink with blue lettering, saying, “Run Like a Girl”. 

Heritage House “Your Pace or Mine” Lip Balm
Mmmm I love opening a fresh chapstick and using it for the first time. My lips felt smooth and the scent was a delicious, citrusy, lemon. My only issue with this is that my two year old tries to sneak it from me so she can slather it on herself. 

Gatorade Endurance Chews
This single package contains four square chews in it, providing a total of 120 calories, 31g carbs, and 0g fat. The flavors are either Orange or Fruit Punch, mine was orange! I had never tried these chews before and a long run in new training plan was the perfect time to give it a shot. Waking up extra early to run, I am never really hungry but I know that I need some fuel to get me going. Something small and easy to eat like this was great! I ate two when I woke up, then waited until mile 6 to eat the other two. 

It's good to know that boxes are a subscription, but you can cancel anytime if you just want to try one, or send one as a gift. RaceHer Box has a discounted cost if you choose to purchase 3 months at once- $95 (a 10% savings)

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