Weekly Wrap #3

I'd like to think that the warmer temperatures are motivating me to run more with the stroller, but in reality, our little baby isn't a baby anymore. She is now a 3ft tall toddler that weighs more and more each day. Instead of feeling down or getting bummed out about the fact that our stroller running days are numbered, I'm choosing to make the most of it! Who knows, maybe I'll be that crazy mom pushing a four (five? haha) year old in a stroller simply for the sake that she enjoys the ride as much as I enjoy the challenge!

Pre-race quiet time at Bloedel Donovan

MONDAY: RAN 7.15 miles @8:29 pace/walked .5 mile
TUESDAY: Strength/RAN 1.53 miles @9:31 pace with stroller
WEDNESDAY: RAN 5.06 miles @8:11 pace/walked .5 mile
FRIDAY: RAN 3.52 miles @9:55 pace with stroller
SATURDAY: RAN 3.21 miles @8:23 pace with stroller in Superhero 5k Race!
Total weekly miles: 21.47

Never too early to learn :)

It's been three successful weeks so far of actually doing upper body workouts and strength training. Luckily we've got the option to create an exercise plan for at home, or I've been able to try machines out at the gym. Last year I focused a lot of strength training for my legs and hip flexors, which I'm having to get back into doing as well. On Wednesday I switched the treadmill run up by doing interval speed work. The first mile was a 7mph warmup, followed by 1min@8mph/2min@7.2mph for four miles, followed by half a mile of walking to cool down.

On Saturday, Eisley and I headed to Bloedel Donovan Park for the 5th Annual Superhero 5k race! This was our first time to do this race and it was definitely the most fun I've ever had while running! Everyone wore costumes and there were quite a lot of families with strollers. I'll save more details for the race recap post, but I will say that "we" placed 1st Female Overall with the stroller! This was Eisley's third race while cruising in her BOB stroller. 

At the starting line, waiting to roll out!

I am linking up with Tricia and Holly again for the Weekly Wrap! Head on over to their pages for more motivation and inspirational women sharing their stories!


  1. I have never run with a stroller and can only imagine how challenging it is. My hat is off to you! There's a man in our local running club that used to race with his daughter in a stroller. One day, she decided to run too (age 5 I'm guessing) and has been crushing it ever since. He is now her support crew. You are teaching your daughter to be active, which is the best thing of all. Congrats on the 1st place award. Thanks for linking with us!

    1. That is so awesome! There's a man in a local running club here that races with a DOUBLE stroller, it blows my mind!

  2. Wow, congrats on the race! I've been passed by people pushing strollers a few times...lol. Makes me want to work harder!

    1. Thank you! I've been passed by people pushing strollers too when I'm running solo...it's even worse if it's a double stroller! Ha


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