Weekly Wrap #4

Another month has come to an end, and this time it ended with the most monthly miles of 2017! The funny part about it is that I'm not really "training" for any race or event in particular. Yes, there are races scheduled each month through the summer and into the fall, but they are either shorter distances or I'm planning on running with the stroller. This weekend I have another 5k race coming up and am sort of unsure how I feel about it or what to expect. It has literally been over two years since I've ran a 5k by myself (not with the stroller) and at that time I had just started taking running "seriously". The goals in my head of what I would like to run, and what I might realistically run, are fairly different. We will see soon enough!

MONDAY: RAN 10.03 miles @8:59 pace/walked 1.58 miles with stroller
TUESDAY: Walked 1 mile with stroller/got a wellness massage J
WEDNESDAY: RAN 9.01 miles @9:21 pace with stroller
THURSDAY: RAN 2.11 miles @7:39pace with stroller/strength
FRIDAY: Hiked 2 miles while wearing our toddler
Total weekly miles: 25.73 

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As you can see from Eisley's sweet, happy little face, she enjoyed our long run just as much as I did! Before heading out, I blended up this yummy Nuun Cherry Limeade Smoothie for some clean, efficient fuel. We originally planned on only running 4 miles, but the sun was shining and my body was feeling groovy, so we just kept on going! We tried something new as a little experiment, which turned out to be a success. If your little one enjoys dancing and listening to music, put your phone/tablet/music playing device in the stroller, playing out loud! It kept little Boo groovin' and possibly motivated me to continue running too! Our previous record distance run with the stroller was 7 miles, and now we reached 9 miles! It would be pretty cool if we could manage to run 13.1 by the end of summer, simply for the sake of telling her when she grows up, "We ran a half marathon together!"

How do I use this thing again?

In other exciting news...we got our first GoPro camera! I spent one night messing around with it and watching YouTube videos online. On Friday the whole family agreed to go out on a hike together and take some time to slooooooow down, enjoying nature. (Have I mentioned that my 17 year old step son began living with us at the beginning of the month? I am getting a preview of the "varsity soccer mom" life and teenage years, yeehaw). Eisley cruised around in the carrier on my back and ran around the trails towards the end of our hike. Everyone felt refreshed and ready for the homemade pizza we were having for dinner! I am linking up with Tricia and Holly again for the Weekly Wrap!


  1. I love that you've been running with your baby girl either in stroller or carrier. I wish I had done that a lot more with my kids. A half marathon together would be super cool!

    1. It has been such a special time for us to be together and I plan on soaking it up! We don't plan on having another child, so all of my 'firsts' with Eisley are also my 'lasts'.

  2. Congrats on a strong April! I have an older GoPro model. It has no viewing window. So, you basically don't know where you are pointing it for pics or video. I believe they put one in their next generation model (lucky me). I think it is very cool that you will be able to tell your daughter she ran a half marathon with you! Good luck with your 5k! I bet you will surprise yourself. Thanks for linking with us!

    1. Thanks! Yes, this model has the viewing window and it even has voice commands to use hands-free! It is very fun and we've been enjoying messing around with it. Today we strapped it to our dog while she fetched a stick in the woods. Simple act, but the video turned out awesome!

  3. You are going to love your GoPro! I've had mine about three years and it was the best birthday present I've ever gotten.

    I love the idea of being able to tell your daughter someday that you ran a half together with the stroller when she was little. She'll love hearing about it!

    1. So far, the GoPro is a lot much fun! My husband and I both keep coming up with fun ideas to try and it's interesting because we think/create so differently. We will try for the half distance in the next month or so!


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