Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins

Oh don't mind me...I'll be hiding in a corner stuffing my face with all of these Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins! They are soooo tasty and a great way to sneak more veggies into your (or your kiddo's) diet. Instead of using egg as a binder, this recipe uses an alternative flax meal "egg substitute". Flax meal is simply ground up flax seeds. These tiny seeds are a great source of fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein! Another treat that I've used flax substitutes in are these Walnut Flax Cookies.

Vegan carrot cake muffins cranberries flax healthy
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 Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins

·         1 Flax “egg substitute” (1 tbs flaxmeal and 3 tbs water)
·         2 cups oat flour (2 2/3 cups rolled oats)
·         2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
·         1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
·         ½ teaspoon baking soda
·         1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
·         1 cup shredded carrots
·         ½ cup dried cranberries (or raisins)
·         ½ cup organic cane sugar (can be omitted)

Directions: Preheat oven to 400°F. To make your flax “egg substitute”, mix 1 tablespoons of flaxseed meal and 3 tablespoons of water in a large bowl. Allow to rest for 5 minutes until it reaches a thicker consistency. Add in the melted coconut oil, vanilla extract, shredded carrots, and dried cranberries. 

vegan carrot cake muffins oat flour healthy diy
To make the oat flour, pulse the rolled oats in a food processor or blender until a thick powder is formed. Mix oat flour in a large bowl with the baking powder, baking soda, and cane sugar. Now, you can pour the bowl of wet ingredients into the bowl of dry ingredients and stir until combined. The consistency will be “grainy” because of the oats and is a little tough to mix by hand. 

Vegan carrot cake muffins oat cranberry healthy dairy free

Prepare a muffin tin with liners or spray if it is not a nonstick pan. Scoop mixture and fill cups about 2/3 full. They will not rise very much while baking. Bake at 400°F for 15-16 minutes. *Yields 12 muffins* 

Vegan carrot cake muffins flax healthy
Mmmmmm enjoy!


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