March Miles + the Missing Week

March always gives us Daylight Savings, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Spring Equinox! It also marks the final month of training before the Greater Bellingham Running Club’s annual Honeywagon Runs Half Marathon! (You can still register early online here, unless you prefer to do day of race registration.) In March 2016, I logged a total of 112.59 miles including two races (Padden Mudfest and Runnin’ O the Green 8k) plus coach-led group track practices. My training was well-rounded and I was overly eager as a ‘beginner, yet kinda serious’ runner. This year, I only logged 76.87 miles including one race (Runnin' O the Green 5k while pushing Eisley in the stroller) and no track practices. I’ll admit, this is a little disheartening, but I feel that my overall fitness level has improved compared to last year.

March Miles training review recap running runner

Wk 1: 1-4: 10.48 miles
Wk 2: 5-11: 17.75 miles (including Runnin’ O the Green 5k)
Wk 3: 12-18: 21.91 miles
Wk 4: 19-25: 19.77 miles (including foot recovery)
Wk 5: 26-31: 6.96 miles (including foot recovery)
Total miles for March: 76.87 

Toddler lovin' after we raced together!
Since we “Spring Forward” to gain an hour in the day, how did I manage to lose an entire week? Oh yeah…I ended up with a mystery injury in my right foot! I won’t go into details, but you can read the post Manifesting Perfect Feet if you are curious. It was SO HARD to take a seven day break for foot recovery with less than two weeks until the Honeywagon Runs! Not only have I been training for this race, I’ve been shooting to get a PR! The course is relatively flat and the race was my very first half marathon, so I’m familiar with the route and aware of the mistakes I previously made (such as running off the course and having to run back uphill to get on route). Is it possible to reach a PR goal with less than ideal training? Only one way to find out! Race day is this Saturday! Catch you on the flip side!


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