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Weekly Wrap #4

Another month has come to an end, and this time it ended with the most monthly miles of 2017! The funny part about it is that I'm not really "training" for any race or event in particular. Yes, there are races scheduled each month through the summer and into the fall, but they are either shorter distances or I'm planning on running with the stroller. This weekend I have another 5k race coming up and am sort of unsure how I feel about it or what to expect. It has literally been over two years since I've ran a 5k by myself (not with the stroller) and at that time I had just started taking running "seriously". The goals in my head of what I would like to run, and what I mightrealistically run, are fairly different. We will see soon enough!

SUNDAY: Rest MONDAY: RAN 10.03 miles @8:59 pace/walked 1.58 miles with stroller TUESDAY: Walked 1 mile with stroller/got a wellness massage J WEDNESDAY: RAN 9.01 miles @9:21 pace with stroller THURSDAY: RAN 2.11 miles @7:3…

Nuun Cherry Limeade Smoothie

Happy one year Blog-iversary to PNW Mother Runner! It's been one heck of a journey so far. (You can read the first, original post here) We've created tasty treats, tried out new workouts, ran many races, and explored dirty trails! To celebrate, I'd like to share this delicious Nuun Energy Cherry Limeade Smoothie recipe with you! There is a noticeable difference in my runs when I drink the Nuun Active versus Nuun Energy. If I am focusing on speed work or am feeling tired/sluggish, I definitely reach for the Energy. It provides me with the electrolytes I need for a good recovery, along with B Vitamins and green tea extract to give me that extra boost! Being a mom can make you very tired before switching to "mother runner" mode.

In case you didn't know, Nuun has a variety of products created to hydrate and fuel you, based on your different needs. They offer Nuun Active, Nuun Energy, Nuun Vitamins, and recently released Nuun Performance. Active replenishes you wi…

Weekly Wrap #3

I'd like to think that the warmer temperatures are motivating me to run more with the stroller, but in reality, our little baby isn't a baby anymore. She is now a 3ft tall toddler that weighs more and more each day. Instead of feeling down or getting bummed out about the fact that our stroller running days are numbered, I'm choosing to make the most of it! Who knows, maybe I'll be that crazy mom pushing a four (five? haha) year old in a stroller simply for the sake that she enjoys the ride as much as I enjoy the challenge!

MONDAY:RAN 7.15 miles @8:29 pace/walked .5 mile TUESDAY: Strength/RAN 1.53 miles @9:31 pace with stroller WEDNESDAY:RAN 5.06 miles @8:11 pace/walked .5 mile THURSDAY: Rest FRIDAY:RAN 3.52 miles @9:55 pace with stroller SATURDAY:RAN 3.21 miles @8:23 pace with stroller in Superhero 5k Race! Total weekly miles: 21.47

It's been three successful weeks so far of actually doing upper body workouts and strength training. Luckily we've got the…

Weekly Wrap #2

My daughter and I kicked off the week by reconnecting with nature. As we were both getting ready for our hike, she asked if we were going to the YMCA. When I said we were going out to the trails in the forest, she grew ecstatic! For the first mile Eisley rode in the carrier. We took a little snack break and then she insisted on hiking the second mile herself. Lil' wildflower got some toddler exercise, I got some relaxing time outdoors, and we both were happy (especially me, for how easily she went down for nap afterwards)!

SUNDAY: Hiked 2 miles
MONDAY:RAN 6.05 miles @7:47 pace TUESDAY: Strength/walked 1 mile WEDNESDAY:RAN 8.52 miles @8:37 pace/walked .5 mile THURSDAY: Rest FRIDAY: Rest SATURDAY:RAN 5.03 miles @8:08 pace/walked 1 mile Total weekly miles: 24.10 
On Monday, it was back on the treadmill. I had planned to run a couple miles since my half marathon was only two days before, but I found my groove and was feeling great! Tuesday was mainly upper body strength training at home w…

Weekly Wrap #1

In efforts to keep myself more accountable (in both running and blogging), I’ve decided to start writing a weekly recap. Whether it’s hiking, running, yoga class, babywearing, training, or any other form of moving with a purpose, expect to catch it on the Weekly Wrap! Some days I don’t have the motivation to workout, so I may walk a mile while pushing Eisley in the stroller. Hey, it’s one more mile that wouldn’t have happened staying at home! Hopefully these posts will motivate you to become more mindful of your active (or soon-to-be) lifestyle too!

Sunday:RAN 4.02 miles @8:30 pace outside with the stroller Monday: Rest day/walked .75 miles 😋 Tuesday:RAN 7.75 miles @8:20 pace on the treadmill Wednesday:RAN 3.6 miles @8:04 pace at the Wander/GBRC Social Run Thursday: Rest Friday: Yoga class Saturday:RAN 13.1 miles @8:24 pace at the Honeywagon Runs Half Marathon Total weekly miles: 29.32
This week actually had a few days of sunshine thrown into our Pacific Northwest rainy days. Running outside…

2017 Honeywagon Runs Half Marathon

This was my second year running GBRC’s annual Honeywagon Runs in Everson, WA. The course is fairly flat which makes it a great first half marathon to try out, and later gives people the opportunity to catch a PR (previous year's race recap can be found here)! This year, the runs were forced to find a new starting/finish area and route because the Nooksack Valley Middle School is under construction. Originally I was looking forward to being familiar with the course, but I didn’t realize the route changed until the week of the race…oops! Distance options are 4 mile or half marathon, allowing walkers to start at 8:00am and runners at 9:00am. Something new and fun this year was a free half mile run for the kiddos! The race is free for GBRC members, $25 early registration for nonmembers, and $30 day of race registration for nonmembers. Not a bad deal at all! They also offered a unisex t-shirt and finisher’s medal for additional purchase with registration.

I woke up at 6:50am on race d…

Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins

Oh don't mind me...I'll be hiding in a corner stuffing my face with all of these Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins! They are soooo tasty and a great way to sneak more veggies into your (or your kiddo's) diet. Instead of using egg as a binder, this recipe uses an alternative flax meal "egg substitute". Flax meal is simply ground up flax seeds. These tiny seeds are a great source of fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein! Another treat that I've used flax substitutes in are these Walnut Flax Cookies.

 Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins ·1 Flax “egg substitute” (1 tbs flaxmeal and 3 tbs water) ·2 cups oat flour (2 2/3 cups rolled oats) ·2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted ·1 ½ teaspoons baking powder ·½ teaspoon baking soda ·1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract ·1 cup shredded carrots ·½ cup dried cranberries (or raisins) ·½ cup organic cane sugar (can be omitted)
Directions: Preheat oven to 400°F. To make your flax “egg substitute”, mix 1 tablespoons of flaxseed meal and 3 tablespoons of wa…

March Miles + the Missing Week

March always gives us Daylight Savings, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Spring Equinox! It also marks the final month of training before the Greater Bellingham Running Club’s annual Honeywagon Runs Half Marathon! (You can still register early online here, unless you prefer to do day of race registration.) In March 2016, I logged a total of 112.59 miles including two races (Padden Mudfest and Runnin’ O the Green 8k) plus coach-led group track practices. My training was well-rounded and I was overly eager as a ‘beginner, yet kinda serious’ runner. This year, I only logged 76.87 miles including one race (Runnin' O the Green 5k while pushing Eisley in the stroller) and no track practices. I’ll admit, this is a little disheartening, but I feel that my overall fitness level has improved compared to last year.

Wk 1: 1-4: 10.48 miles Wk 2: 5-11: 17.75 miles (including Runnin’ O the Green 5k) Wk 3: 12-18: 21.91 miles Wk 4: 19-25: 19.77 miles (including foot recovery) Wk 5: 26-31: 6.96 miles (in…