Three Essential Running Resources

I’m not sure about YOU, but once I started becoming involved with my running relationship, an unknown part of me began to surface. I call it…”Runner’s OCD”. For every race, I would look up the previous year’s results for my age group. Then, I would scroll down past the obviously competitive or seasoned runner results and began examining the times I wanted to beat. My mind would think, “Hmmm, I can do that. Why not?” After that, I had to break down their final race time into miles to figure out the pace and try to compile my own set of goal miles that would hopefully equal out the same pace, or have me finishing slightly faster…everyone does that, right? Anyways, I’ve come across some extremely helpful resources that do a lot of the work for you and will make your “Runner’s OCD” dreams come true!

1. Pace Calculator from
This is my #1 go-to for training runs, and even checking on my previous events. You are able to calculate your running pace per mile or kilometer! By entering a little bit of info, you can calculate your time, distance, pace, and even calculate your splits! It is magical and FREE! 

2. Time Calculator from
If I’m writing out my various “goal” times per mile for the duration of a race, I enjoy entering them into THIS calculator. It allows you to add the time of each mile, eventually ending up with an overall time. Yes, you may have an overall average pace for your next race, but planning ahead and breaking down each mile is a little more complicated. Not everyone runs a consistent, steady pace! Some runners go fast for a few miles, slow down for a mile, then finish hard for the final miles and still end up with their goal average pace. 

3. Treadmill Pace Conversions from
Estimating your treadmill workouts can be a little confusing. How does mph translate to speed? What happens if you’re running at a 8% incline for half of your run, then 1% incline for the remainder of the run? There are many factors with the ‘ol treadmill, but this chart has your answers!


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