Manifesting Perfect Feet

When you don't want to speak something into existence, you write about it! Last week I began noticing foot aches and pains after my runs. I've never experienced any sort of foot pain before, so this was foreign and strange. I figured this is normal and some home treatments of elevating, stretching, and icing would be enough. Saturday and Sunday would be serious rest days too! Good to go...
Healthy and strong, or sore and painful?
Runner's feet in their natural habitat
Monday was my long run which also happened to be on a treadmill. I've been rotating my shoes and wearing my good socks. The run felt strong without any noticeable pain or discomfort, except for having to run while staring at a fire extinguisher on the wall in front of me. I finished 10.58 miles with an average pace of 8:06min/mile. My upcoming half marathon is creeping up close and my goal is to beat 7:58min/mile, which ends up at 1:44. That was the time of my very first half marathon, which still holds as my PR. Tuesday was another rest and recovery day, followed by a decent 4.25 mile run at 8:25min/mile pace on Wednesday.

Now I sit here on Thursday evening with my foot in a bucket of ice water. I had a busy day with the family starting out with mom's group this morning, pushing Eisley in the stroller to the playground, walking around downtown for our momma & daughter date (screen printing shop, ice cream, pet store, bus station), then riding the bus to our neighborhood and walking home. I took off my shoes and felt a throbbing sensation in my foot. It was very sensitive and felt heavy. I sat on the floor in front of a mirror to compare the bottoms of my feet. My left foot looked fairly normal, callused and worn, but normal. The pads of my right foot were swollen and felt like it was filled with fluid. I can walk without limping, but would rather not be on it at all. The worse thing someone can do is begin researching possible foot injuries on the internet…not only scary, but the worse possible outcomes!

At 15 days until the half marathon I've been training for, I'm in a dilemma! Should I go to the doctor asking for an X-ray, with the chances of bad news? It’s better to recover and heal than potentially cause damage. Do I rest it off 3 or so days and still race if it's feeling alright? I've never been in such a situation before. For now, I will practice lots of self-care and rest over the weekend. If the pain and swelling is still there on Monday, I guess it's time to visit the Doc! Send good vibes!

*As of tonight (Friday evening) the swelling has lessened and the throbbing is gone!*


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