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10 Quotes about the Great Outdoors

There is nothing more satisfying than exploring the world around us, reconnecting with Mother Nature. We find a calming peace within the trees and a quiet mind away from the man-made world. Spending time outside has even been linked to lower depression symptoms and an overall improved mental well-being. Plan a backpacking trip, head out for a hike, or hop into your kayak after reading these quotes about the great outdoors!

1. “I am in love with this world . . . I have climbed its mountains, roamed its forests, sailed its waters, crossed its deserts, felt the sting of its frosts, the oppression of its heats, the drench of its rains, the fury of its winds, and always have beauty and joy waited upon my goings and comings.” - John Burroughs
2. “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
3. “We both loved the birds and animals and plants. We both felt far happier out of doors. I felt a peace in nature that I could never find in the human world, as you know.” -Trac…

Fragrance Lake Half Marathon/10k 2017

In 2016, the Fragrance Lake Half Marathon/10k was my first race of the year AND my very first trail race! I chose it with six weeks to train, with majority of my runs having to be on a treadmill due to the magic of drop-in childcare. I ended doing much better than I had expected, in fact, I finished in 1:13:17 as the second place overall female! Even though I REALLY wanted to try the half marathon distance this year, it would’ve been silly to even attempt that challenge at my current fitness level.

A major difference this year was the ability to go run out on the trails, in addition to the gym, during my “extremely casual” training plan. We also had a family member spending time with us, so they could stay with Eisley during naptime while I could go running. I am very thankful! Another big difference was the weather this winter. We had icy conditions, below freezing temperatures, and tons of snow that seemed like it would never melt. I made the most of being snowed in by doing wall si…

How to Deal with DOMS

The morning after a big race or tough workout, you may open your eyes, stand up, wobble around, then fall right back down into your cozy bed. (Sometimes I start walking down the stairs and feel like my legs will give out under me!) You could have a strong case of the DOMS…aka delayed-onset muscle soreness. This soreness can last between 3-5 days and it is typically the most painful 24-72 hours after exercising. The American College of Sports Medicine describes this process occurring due to tiny tears to the muscle fibers from exercises that cause the muscles to lengthen while force is applied. Instead of waiting it out, give these methods a shot to help you deal with the DOMS!

1. Drink Pineapple Juice! Delicious pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which helps relax inflamed muscles and has anti-swelling effects. It is even linked to lower pain and is a great alternative to over-the-counter pain medications. Instead of drinking the juice, you can simply eat it or even make a s…

January Miles + Trail Tails

Getting through January was a success all on its own. The first month of 2017 is over and a good indicator of how the rest of the year is going to play out…hopefully. I was able to kick off the year with the Lake Samish Runs race (recap can be found here) and I would like to schedule a race for each month of 2017. Next Saturday is the Fragrance Lake 10k which was my first ever trail race in 2016. I had ZERO clue what I was getting myself into, which was obvious in the methods I had been training. Even though I managed to place 2nd female, I left the race realizing how under prepared I was. This time around, I’ve spent the month pre-race focusing on strength, hills, and steep inclines instead of building up mileage. It is only a 10k which isn’t much distance, but there is a decent amount of elevation gain!

Wk 1: 1-7: 14.39 miles Wk 2: 8-14: 21.49 miles Wk 3: 15-21: 20.22 miles Wk 4: 22-28: 21.98 miles Wk 5: 29-31: 10.45 miles Total miles for January: 88.53
January also started my jour…