December Miles + Running Away from Home

We are only a few days into the New Year, but reflecting back on December seems SO long ago! Did you find yourself struggling to find motivation (or time) to workout during the holiday season? Waking up to snow covered ground and 22 degree weather makes drinking hot tea in your pjs by the fireplace sound like a much better idea. Traveling away from home can also put a kink in your running plans. Are you comfortable running in an area you are unfamiliar with, or do you view it as a new adventurous opportunity? I personally enjoy the change of scenery!

Possession Beach in Washington
Wk 1: 1-3: 5.15 miles (including Fairhaven Frosty 5k)
Wk 2: 4-10: 7.24 miles
Wk 3: 11-17: 21.87 miles
Wk 4: 18-24: 10.91 miles (on Whidbey Island)
Wk 5: 25-31: 19.03 miles (on Whidbey Island)
Total miles for December: 64.20

Our December was a time spent sitting…literally. First we puppy sat for a week, and then we spent two weeks homestead sitting out on Whidbey Island. It was a nice and untraditional change to spend Christmas at someone else’s house while on an island! Not only did we get a couple days of snow, but we were also able to visit the beach! Eisley got to help feed the free range chickens and rabbits each morning, followed by playing and exploring in the woods. 

Searching the land for free range chicken eggs!
Majority of our days called for rainy afternoons. As a runner living in the Pacific Northwest, you have to accept the fact that it rains a lot and learn to embrace running in it (At least, that was my method of adapting!). Luckily I was able to go on five runs while we were out there. The area was somewhat rural which was nice, so I was able to run constantly without any stoplights or much traffic. The roads all seemed to be hilly and winding, moving through woods and farmland. One hill was an exact 400m which made for an awesome hill repeat workout! Afterwards I was able to warm up by the fire! We returned home in time for New Year's Eve, my birthday on New Year's Day, and snowy trail runs! Head over here if you missed the recent post telling 2016 to hit the road! Are you as excited as I am to plan out 2017's races?!? Wahoo!!!

Fireside story reading


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