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See Ya LATER 2016!!!

Sorry for the slight delay in communication…we were just homestead-sitting on an island for the last two weeks. I debated on bringing my laptop and whatnot along with us, but declined in preference to lying low and living in the present. Anywho…RAISE your hand if you are ready to say goodbye (adios, peace out, later, screw you) to 2016 and start a new year! I cannot believe how much has happened throughout this year and how fast it flew by. The entire world is going through some major changes, our country here has started shifting in an unknown direction, and our baby girl grew up into a full-fledged toddler (that’s equally important, right?!?).

I logged a total of 1,120.27 miles in the year 2016!!!
My 2016 New Year’s resolution was to learn more about running, try out different types of running, join a local running community, etc…basically, I wanted to take my running experience to the “next level”. Until that point, I had only done four little races without any sort of training or …

Fairhaven Frosty 5k

The Fairhaven Frosty 5k /10k was the final race of the year hosted by the Greater Bellingham Running Club, which also happened to be my final race of 2016! Can you believe that the year is nearly over?!?

The race started and ended in historic Fairhaven Park. Runners headed South on Chuckanut Drive for the first mile, which was a gradual hill climb followed by a nice little downhill. Volunteer flaggers directed us North onto the Interurban Trail. We ran up through a few curves, and then it was a straight shot. At mile 2 we got off the trail and back onto the road, heading West on Old Fairhaven Parkway. The race course was open, so we had to pay attention to the vehicle traffic and try not to get ran over! At mile 3 everyone was kicking it up a notch and we were lucky to be gliding downhill.

We returned to the Fairhaven Park entrance and raced down through the finish line! My official time was 24:08 (7:46min/mi pace) which is a 5k PR for me (24:32 was my previous PR)! Even though it was…

November Miles and New Mojo

Do you ever feel like you've lost your mojo? Taking a big break from anything physical (running/spin class/yoga/hiking/etc) after doing it 5-6 days a week can be a shock to your system. Words cannot even describe the happiness brought to me through the simple act of running! Last month I said, “November, I WILL RUN YOU” and I did just that. October only had 5 runs and November went up to 13 runs, including 4 workouts at the YMCA and 1 race.

Week 1: 1-5: 5.2 miles Week 2: 5-12: 5.45 miles Week 3: 13-19: 8.87 miles (Turkey Trot 5k) Week 4: 20-26: 14.76 miles Week 5: 27-30: 17.07 miles Total miles for November: 51.35
The first few weeks were slow. My body was still confused as to why I was making it move and running took major effort. It can be frustrating to put all of your energy into a certain pace or distance that used to be easy. Luckily, I knew it wouldn’t take long to return to my previous level of fitness. After simply focusing on building endurance again, I decided to try s…

Holiday Gift Guide for LADY Runners

Holiday shopping doesn't have to be your Achilles heel! This guide has everything you need to give the lady runners in your life! Some gift items are pretty useful, others simply make you look good, and the rest may be a little random…but isn’t that how most runners are? (Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these businesses or products.)

1. I love to stay hydrated by popping a Nuun Active formula tablet in my water bottle after a run! There are nine flavors to choose from: Lemon+lime, tri-berry, strawberry lemonade, orange, fruit punch, grape, watermelon, tropical, and citrus fruit (my FAVORITE is strawberry lemonade!). Each tube has 10 tabs and costs $7 on the Nuun website.

2. Keep track of personal records while displaying your race bibs and favorite race medals! This chalkboard display is handmade and available for $43 on Etsy by five1fivesigns.  3. Get ready for your next (or FIRST) half marathon by following the ‘Train Like a Mother’ 13.1 mile training program. Th…