October Miles & the Great Rest

October included ZERO races, ONE trip to the YMCA, and only FIVE runs! Talk about some low numbers! Following two of my highest mileage months, October won last place for running in 2016. With a whopping 19.65 miles, my priorities were obviously in a different place. It’s not that I didn’t want to run, trust me! Life has been pretty crazy. After our trip we moved into our new home, and we moved right when it started raining all of the time! I think we had nine days in a row of pouring rain. Eisley and I made sure to get out on the few dry/lightly raining days to explore our new community and surrounding areas. I definitely need to order a rain cover for the stroller so we can still enjoy the outdoors this Fall/Winter!

Hot and humid runs in Oklahoma!

Week 1: 1: 0 miles (Trip in Oklahoma)
Week 2: 2-8: 10.18 miles (Trip in Oklahoma)
Week 3: 9-15: 1.08 miles
Week 4: 16-22: 0 miles
Week 5: 23-29: 8.39 miles
Week 6: 30-31: 0 miles
Total Miles for October: 19.65! (It’s pretty sad, tell me about it!)

This month of barley running made me realize a few things:

1. Running really gives me more energy and not running has left me feeling sooooo tired all of the time, in addition to not sleeping as well at night.

2. Running truly is the best form of therapy. I’ve mentally been feeling scattered, over-thinking silly things, and in major need of an outlet (plus time to myself!). Practicing mindfulness with a two year old climbing all over you is a little difficult.

3. Running after a period of NOT running is hard, slightly uncomfortable, and felt somewhat forced. I could not believe how difficult it was for me to run a mere five miles. My core felt as if it had gone soft, my lower back was tight, my left foot had a weird pain, and my heart was beating SO fast! It made me remember how hard it can be to start out running as a beginner and how important it is to support and motivate each other though our running journeys. 

Cheers to being moved in, settled in, and ready to jump back in the swing of things! November, I AM READY TO RUN YOU! 


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