September Miles + Major Changes

Fall is officially here and our life has been changing like the colors of the leaves. September included two races-Lake Padden Relay and Bellingham Bay Half Marathon, we just closed on our FIRST HOME, and I am currently 1,611 miles away from the PNW visiting family. Let's just say you don't know what you've got till it's gone you're packing to move! The last week of September was crunch time for packing up the house, setting up utilities, and making sure things were somewhat in order before Eisley and I left for our week long trip. Our 13 hour travel day included two flights, a two hour layover, and a two hour time zone difference. She didn't nap, stayed up late, and was still a happy girl the entire day. I feel so lucky that everything went smoothly and traveling alone with a toddler wasn't stressful. My husband is spending the final week in our rental house with our dog Luna and moving everything before we return from our trip. What an awesome man! After he picks us up from the airport, we will get to spend the first night in our new home and I am SO EXCITED!

Hiking and playing with the fallen leaves!
The heat and humidity out here in Oklahoma aren't something that I'm used to anymore. I still plan on squeezing in a run or two, if there's time! Here's a quick overview of my September miles.

Week 1: 1-3: 13.35 miles (including Lake Padden Relay)
Week 2: 4-10: 39.45 miles
Week 3: 11-17: 36.65 miles
Week 4: 18-24: 20.40 miles
Week 5: 25-30: 26.79 miles (including Bellingham Bay Half Marathon)
Total miles for September: 136.64! 

This is the first time in 2016 that I don't have a new race in sight, besides volunteering for one in November. Moving to the new house and getting settled in is my focus, then learning the new roads and trails in the area will be next. Luckily we will be pretty close to some areas for trail running. I am sure there will be lots of hiking while baby wearing over the next few months in addition to other forms of cross-training. The little one is awake from her nap, so it's back to family time! Peace out!

Post-race baby lovin'


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