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Bellingham Bay Half Marathon

Sunday was the 10th annual Bellingham Bay Marathon, which included full, half, 10k, and 5k distance options. Not only is it a popular and beautiful race, but it is also a Boston qualifier marathon which brings people from many different states. The race starts and ends at the same point downtown, followed by live music, an awards ceremony, and a Boundary Bay beer garden. I started following a training plan 8 weeks before this race. (I use the term “following” very loosely: I’m a stay at home mom, toddlers get sick, wake up all night with mental leaps, we cosleep on her floor bed, I’m exhausted, etc.)

Mile 1: 8:12 Mile 2: 7:54
Miles 1 and 2 were relatively flat, heading through downtown from Railroad Ave in front of Depot Square. Besides walking the ½ mile trek with a friend from my house to the race, we didn’t do any warming up. I started slower, letting the first mile be my warmup and allowing me to find my groove. This was the biggest race I’ve ever done so the initial takeoff took …

What the Fartlek?! 21 Running Terms Explained

As you enter the wild world of running, you might find yourself attempting to translate training plans, surrounded by unusual (and possibly unnecessary) gear, all while confused by a whole new language! Coaches and friends may use lingo leaving you scratching your head while staying on the sidelines. Here’s a list of 21 running terms to help get you going on your running journey!
Aid Station: Points along the race course (more common in distances further than a 5k) where volunteers/staff hand out water, electrolyte drinks, snacks, etc. In extreme environments or in ultra distances, medical staff is there to measure weight, check for dehydration, and make sure the runner is physically able to continue the race. Base Mileage: A runner’s average weekly miles ran. Bib: The number corresponding to each individual runner “bib number” so they can be identified, printed on a square piece of paper. 
BQ: “Boston Qualifier” A qualifying time standard that runners must meet to qualify for the f…

Green Goddess Smoothie

Do you ever try something new and think, "WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS BEFORE?!?" Come closer my friend, let me introduce you to this Green Goddess Smoothie...

I've been enjoying this smoothie so much that I may have prepped an entire week's worth of the same kind...don't judge. I find it extremely helpful to portion out smoothie ingredients (including greens) into individual freezer bags. Label what's inside and what needs to be added, whether it's almond milk, coconut water, hemp seeds, cinnamon, etc. In the mornings for breakfast or after hitting the gym, you can grab a bag from the freezer, pop it into the blender, and simply add liquid! It is also great when you find organic produce on sale so you can stock up without worrying about it going bad. Instead, divide it up and prep your smoothies!

This smoothie is high in dietary fiber which aids in digestion and helps you stay full for longer! It is  a great source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vita…

August Miles + The Running Dilemma

August was the first month that didn’t include any track practices, social runs, or races. I was able to go on one long run with a friend, but besides that, my running life had me prowling like a lone wolf.

Week 1: 1-6: 25.85 miles Week 2: 7-13: 20.49 miles Week 3: 14-20: 27.07 miles Week 4: 21-27: 44.42 miles (The most I’ve ran in a week!) Week 5: 28-31: 20.58 miles Total miles for August: 138.41! (The most I’ve ran in a month!)

To run alone, or in a group...that is the question. For me personally, solo running has always been preferable to social running. Maybe it’s because I’ve only had a little experience of running with others. The beginning of this year I joined a local running club and made some fellow running friends which has been the extent of my social running. Currently, I am doing some training with a friend for the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon. There are definitely pros and cons to both solo and group running. Whether I’m in a group or simply with another person, I find …

Vegan Lentil & Veggie Soup

In September, we officially welcome FALL! This year the autumn equinox lands on September 23rd. How do you plan on celebrating? The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been cooling off with some cozy rainy days, which has my mind in comfort mode (or should I say my stomach?!) I personally can't think of a better meal than one that involves your crock pot! It's so easy to prep in the morning, throw everything in the slow cooker, then let it simmer away while you go about your business. Welcome yourself home with warm, comforting soup that tastes good and is good for you too!

This summer we've been getting a CSA box each week. If you know anything about me, then you know I LOVE veggies! The only time this becomes a problem is when there is an abundance of produce that needs to be eaten fast before it goes bad. I am a big fan of "no veggie left behind" so I decided to put together this delicious, detoxing soup! The fresh garlic cloves contain antioxidants and…