Mamas Unite!

Hola chickas! I hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day over the weekend, whether you relaxed with your families, fell asleep during a magical spa massage, grilled out at the lake, or however you chose to celebrate YOUR special day! Our tribe shared a nice, chill weekend. Saturday we went on a family stroll through Whatcom Falls Park. We were surprised to find out that a junior fishing tournament was going on, which would explain the influx of families everywhere! Even though we weren’t exactly secluded, it was nice to be out in the woods, sharing company with nature. Our little boo eagerly walked the entire 1.3 miles!

Bear cub and Poppa Bear taking the lead!

Eisley’s sleep is still like an old wooden rollercoaster, so when I came downstairs to freshly brewed hot coffee and tasty breakfast both Saturday AND Sunday morning, my heart filled with joy and love! I am so thankful for my husband and our sweet daughter. What else could I ask for on this special Mother’s Day?! We played in the yard, blew bubbles, and soaked up the warm weather. Eisley drew pictures next to me while I planned out the week’s meals. We went out to lunch and after her nap…I wanted to run! We ladies headed out to Lake Padden for a run with the stroller. We sprayed on our new, natural and homemade bug spray! Ever since having a tiny human to take care of, I’ve become more aware and concerned with the products we put on our bodies. Her body is so tiny and pure, the last thing she needs is to be absorbing toxic chemicals! For a small size to travel with, which is great for hiking, running, camping, etc, you need the following:

-2oz spray bottle
-2 tbs vegetable glycerin
-15 drops Citronella Essential Oil
-Witch Hazel

Simply put the vegetable glycerin and 15 drops of Citronella EO in the bottle, and then fill the rest up with Witch Hazel. Shake to combine and it’s ready to go! To stay on the safe side, we reapply every hour.
We ran around the lake loop twice, about 5.2 miles total. Running while pushing a toddler in a stroller isn’t ideal for an impatient parent, or extremely serious runner. We have to stop for snacks. Sometimes she kicks her shoes off or throws her water bottle (or books, toys, anything really) over the edge, knowing we’ll have to stop so I can pick it up. Every now and then she gets fussy because she can’t see me, so I stop and give her kisses or hold her hand. We sing songs together and talk about the soft moss on the trees or the other babies we pass by. Spending this quality time with our daughter outdoors, while sharing my love for running has to be one of my favorite things in life! 

Writing out our weekly plans
This year was my second time of qualifying for the ‘mama’ title, and being a part of this holiday that was once geared towards my mother and two grandmothers, makes me appreciate it even more! Becoming a mother changed me in many ways, obviously, but the new bond I shared with my own mother (and other women in my family) was one of my favorite changes. The connection we now shared as mothers was unlike anything I had experienced before. We can share our birthing stories, bloopers of life with a newborn, and mixed emotions we felt postpartum. I can ask my mother and both of my grandmothers questions about being a new mom, because they’ve been there before! I enjoy talking about how different society, technology, and the feminine culture have been during our pregnancies and birth. Most of all, the best part of this special motherhood connection is that we are ALL connected- neighbors, coworkers, friends, complete strangers- not just within our families. We need to utilize this bond! Feel free to ask other mamas questions, they may have experienced the same thing and can make you feel at ease. Be comfortable and humble enough to ask other moms for help; you’ll be surprised what women will do for each other. Smile when you pass by at the park. Compliment them on how they handled their toddler’s grocery store tantrum. Simply saying, “You’re doing a great job” could brighten their day!


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