April Miles Bring May Smiles

I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Our little Eisley is 21 months old now and must be going through some sort of mental leap, because her sleep routine is lost in space! It’s been on and off again for a few weeks now (a month? I don’t know), that I’ve gone in her room multiple times throughout the night to sing, soothe, and possibly nurse before relocating our sleep party to the extra room in attempt to get some half-decent sleep. Last night, after lots of crying and comforting, I ended up co-sleeping with her again in the guest bedroom around 4:00am, leaving me feeling slightly delirious most of today. Anyways, it’s the last day of April, so I wanted to write about my training and mileage.

Week 1: April 1-2: Rest days
Week 2: April 3-9: 31.6 miles including the Honeywagon Half Marathon
Week 3: April 10-16: 25.27 miles
Week 4: April 17-23: 19.59 miles including GBRC (Greater Bellingham Running Club) track practice
Week 5: April 24-30: 28.84 miles including GBRC track practice
Total miles for April: 105.3!

I like to set realistic goals for my running and workouts, which change as my body gets stronger or I reach a plateau. My weekly base mileage is 20 miles per week. Yes, if I have the time and flexibility to actually RUN those weekly 20 miles, then I must be having an awesome week! Let’s keep it real, I am a stay at home mom to a toddler that requires lots of attention and physical affection. She is very much a kinesthetic learner so we do a variety of activities to keep her happy and engaged. That being said, I may have to reach those 20 miles by taking her on a walk downtown or strapping her in the backpack to go on a hike. The point is that I reach that tangible mileage goal and I feel amazing doing so! Since we had a difficult sleep night, I needed to recharge my mind by getting out in nature.

I wore Eisley in the backpack for a steep hike up Cleator Road then through the trails of Larrabee State Park. She's big enough now to actually hike small sections on her own, sometimes half a mile at a time! She likes to take the lead and be in charge, even if it means we hike at a 30min/mile pace.

Happy baby = happy mama

I’ve heard people throw around a few different numbers, but on average it seems to be that 21 days is the magical number to either break or form a new habit. Three weeks seems so small in the grand scheme of life, so why not take the risk? I dare YOU, momma, to come up with your own personal, designed specifically to your lifestyle, tangible three week challenge. Be realistic. Don’t think of this challenge in terms of just running, you may not be ready to run quite yet. I want you to focus on taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. I want you to connect and create special bonds with your child. Challenge yourself to walk five miles a week. Challenge yourself to play with your little ones at the park three days a week. Challenge yourself to look in the mirror on a daily basis and say, “I AM beautiful! I AM strong! I AM positive! I AM a wonderful mother!”

After the 21 days have passed, contact me and let me know how you feel, what changes have been made, and what new habits have been formed! Good luck mamas!  


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