Weekly Wrap #15

Hello? Are you still there? I apologize for the two week hiatus, but life has been REAL (real crazy?)! There must have been some false thoughts put into my head, making me believe that after the Chuckanut Footrace was over, life would be “calm” or “slow down”.Somehow the universe has amped up our family activities and left us with nearly no free time. The first week after the race, I was still being flooded with emails from runners asking about their results, wondering where they could find race photos, needing to meet up to purchase extra race shirts, or asking if I could mail them their age group ribbon. I had to figure out race expenses between myself and the other two Co-Race Directors and how many runners registered but did not participate, among other things. 

The last two weeks of training for the Hamster Endurance Runs have mainly stuck to the “plan” and have left me feeling happy with the progress. Between the two weeks, my mileage totaled 83.65 miles! Week 10 had a shorter lo…

Elite Beet + Hemp Bites

I am nine weeks deep into ultra training, which means the nutrition plan experiments continue. One thing that has become a favorite is this Hemp + Coffee Chia Pudding. There have been runs that I couldn’t fully prepare for, so I opted for something packaged and quick. Those runs also ended up with energy crashes, hunger, and GI issues. Yuck! The best way to train and be properly fueled is to plan ahead! When I’m on a long run, I want my food to be bite-sized, easy to chew, and moist enough that it doesn’t leave my mouth feeling dry.

A batch of these Elite Beet + Hemp Bites are perfect for carrying in a vest or belt and are the perfect size to pop in your mouth. Dates contain 50% more potassium (by weight) than bananas, which is great for muscle recovery. The Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest are a powerful addition to this snack. The amount used in this recipe contains 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omega-3 and omega-6. How’s THAT for fuel?! BAM! 

Ingredients:3 cups d…

Weekly Wrap #14

The 30 day run streak only stretched until the 4th of July, ending after day 34. I really, truly wanted to continue, but I literally did not have the extra time the week. My level of “busyness” was drinking smoothies because I didn’t have time to eat and wondering if I last showered on Tuesday or Wednesday, and it was Saturday. SLEEP > SHOWER

Weekly Wrap 13

June has finally come to a wrap and July is here! AHH! My total monthly mileage for June is quite possibly the most I’ve ever ran; I’d have to look at 2016’s journal to compare. I am so excited to have done 175.15 miles and am looking forward to many more this month! As each week passes by, it seems like summer becomes more of a reality! This is the most we’ve ever done outdoors as a family since Eisley was born besides hiking. We’ve been able to go build sand castles on the beach, dip our toes in the waves, and paddle along in our new tandem kayak! This is our third summer living in Washington and we’ve learned by now how quickly the summer season passes here. By the time you realize it is summer and decide to do something ‘summery’, the season has already ended and it’s time to whip out the umbrellas. Lesson learned…take advantage of every day!

2017 Race Beneath the Sun

Last summer, my husband was out of town (hellooooo Vegas) for his birthday. His trip happened to land on the same weekend as the Greater Bellingham Running Club’s Race Beneath the Sun. Instead of letting the Race Director know that I wouldn’t be able to attend, I asked them if a baby stroller could handle the course. They quickly replied that yes, people had previously raced with off-road/trail strollers, but there was one steep, single track hill that might be difficult. We ended up finishing the 5 mile trail race in 47:45 (9:33 min/mi pace) and I was surprised to place 2nd Female 19-29. You can read last year’s recap while racing with the stroller, HERE!

Our daughter is much taller and heavier now, so the idea of pushing her up that steep C. Moore Loop already had me exhausted. I opted out of taking the stroller and wanted to try the race out ‘for myself’. I convinced my stepson to run the race with me, knowing that he would totally beat my time without any training or even doing on…

Savory & Spicy Hemp Toast

I’ve been enjoying the magic of hemp hearts for the last four years of my life, and I plan to continue this love-love relationship we share. Manitoba Harvest recently launched some new, oh-my-goodness, tasty products including their Toasted Hemp Seeds. My experience of eating hemp foods has mainly been hemp hearts (aka hemp seeds that have been shelled), hemp oil, and hemp protein powder, but not the whole seed. They are a little larger in size, are crunchy from being toasted, and pop when you bite them! These little guys come in two flavors, either Sea Salt or Sriracha.

After a long run, I like to “treat” myself with food that’s yummy AND healthy. My hangry self doesn’t like to wait on cooking and I need to eat something, like now! Smoothies are definitely my main squeeze as post-workout food, but other times I enjoy actually eating instead of drinking. One of the many awesome perks of toast is how versatile it is. Do you want it for breakfast with sprouts and a fried egg? How about …